Depression May Lead to Low Back Pain

Multiple studies now show that patients who suffer from depression are at an increased risk of developing lower back pain. Researchers analyzed a pool of data from 19 different studies, ultimately determining that symptoms of depression increased the risk of developing low back pain by around 60%. They cited multiple factors that could account for the link, including age, biological characteristics, lifestyle, and genetics. To find out more about the link between low back pain and depression, click here.

Active-Duty Air Force Personnel Now Have Direct Access to PT

Through a new policy, the Air Force Medical Operations Agency is enabling direct access to physical therapy for all active-duty members. According to a news release from the Surgeon General of the Air Force, musculoskeletal injuries have been the number-one reason for active-duty personnel to seek care for three of the last five years. Before this policy existed, an active-duty member who needed to #GetPT had to first obtain a physician referral. Now, active-duty personnel can contact PTs directly to book therapy sessions. Curious about the direct access law in your state? Click here to learn more.

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