Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Shows No Long-term Benefit

Every year in the US alone, surgeons perform more than 700,000 knee arthroscopies—a procedure meant to relieve pain associated with a meniscal tear. However, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published online in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), this common surgery could be causing far more harm than good. Based on their analysis, researchers concluded that discontinuing arthroscopic surgery could prevent deep vein thrombosis and save numerous lives. To learn more about this study—and why patients should #GetPT instead—click here.

PT and Talking Therapy May Reduce Low Back Pain Side Effects

New research indicates that a combination of physical therapy and contextual cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) may hold promise for patients who experience physical and psychological effects related to low back pain. The patients in this study experienced better outcomes when they participated in both types of rehabilitation, rather than one or the other. Physical therapy is a well-established, viable treatment option for back pain, but adding contextual cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT), or “talking therapy,” to treatment plans allows patients to talk through—and sometimes even accept—their pain. Researchers noted that conducting a larger study would help determine if using the two treatments together might also reduce long-term treatment costs.

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