I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved Halloween. Sure, I’ve been a cat more times than I can count—not the most original or frightening costume, to be certain—but there’s just something exhilarating about donning a mask (or face makeup in my case) and exploring the things that go bump in the night. After all, the ancient Celts—who celebrated Samhain, what The History Channel credits as the “ancient origins of Halloween”—believed that on October 31, “the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred.” Whether you use Halloween to traverse this liminal space, throw an epic costume party complete with peeled-grape eyeballs and spaghetti brains, or take your little goblins and ghouls through the neighborhood to collect chocolate treats, we here at WebPT want to wish you a very happy—and very safe—holiday.

If you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration, check out what some of our WebPTers and Rehab Nation Members are doing to celebrate this spooktacular event:

Donna De Leon—Billing Manager at Endeavor Rehab Center in Texas—loves dressing up at work. This year, it appears that Donna will be taking some inspiration from a certain undersea cartoon villain (cough—Ursula from The Little Mermaid—cough). Look out kiddos; she might just try to steal your voice.

LaShawn Sherman—Billing Success Manager at WebPT—plans to kick off this year’s Halloween festivities by marrying off her oldest daughter to a goblin she’s been dating for three years. (We’re pretty sure his goblin-like tendencies only manifest during Halloween celebrations). Then, LaShawn and her family are going to celebrate her grandson’s birthday with a Monster Jam-themed party, complete with creepy, spooky characters and lots of slimy foods. On the work front, LaShawn and her team plan to crush the costume competition with a Disney princess theme. (Pictured below are her grandsons in full Power Ranger gear.)

Carrie Wojno—Billing Specialist at X-CEL Physical Therapy in Pennsylvania—always looks forward to coming up with ideas for Halloween party costumes, decorating pumpkins, and baking pumpkin seeds. Mmm—who doesn’t love a good batch of roasted pumpkin seeds?

Jennifer Wiese—Office Manager at Pinnacle Sport and Spine Clinic in Iowa—always has a fire going during trick-or-treating. And in her neighborhood, the treats aren’t just for the children. “We hand out adult beverages to the parents and candy to the kids,” she said. (The photo below shows Wiese’s kids—Madelyn [age 4] and Jack [age 9]—posing behind a fun Halloween picture board.)

Ashley D.—Admin at WWPT (Washington Wellness Physical Therapy and Sportscare) in Washington, DC—is planning to visit the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown. According to Atlas Obscura, these are the stairs on which the “final showdown” of the 1973 horror movie, The Exorcist, was shot—you know, the scene where Father Karras faces off against the “demon who possesses twelve-year-old Regan” for the last time. I hear these steps are best visited after nightfall—for the full horror-laden effect, that is.

Samantha Ignasiak—Billing and Office Manager at Greendale Physical Therapy in Massachusetts—carves as many pumpkins as her hands will allow her. See the photo below for two of her jack-o-lantern masterpieces.

What are you doing this Halloween—in the clinic and out? Share your spooktacular plans in the comments below.

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