When WebPT Members shop for clinic supplies in the WebPT Marketplace, they score serious savings—up to 25% off retail prices. In addition to saving money, our shoppers also save a ton of time in the purchasing process. Plus, the Marketplace is constantly releasing new updates and features to make customers’ lives even easier. Here are two of our latest enhancements:

Smart Search

Our ultimate goal at WebPT is to streamline all of your workflows so you can achieve greatness in practice. And we mean all of your workflows—including the process of ordering clinic supplies. There’s nothing more time-consuming than clicking through pages and pages of products. Well, flipping through glossy paper catalogs might be a bigger timesuck, but let’s just leave that shopping method in the past, where it belongs. Anyway, with your time in mind, we enhanced the Marketplace product search so you can quickly find what you’re looking for, whether you’re searching by brand, category, or product objective. And if you didn’t already know, you can cut out the search part of this whole jig altogether by saving your repeat orders to your favorites list. Purchasing doesn’t get much faster than that, my friends.

Bulk Buys

What do Costco and the WebPT Marketplace have in common? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not dollar hot dogs. Hebrew National franks aside, do you find yourself constantly reordering certain supplies? Interested in saving even more time and money? Just like Costco saves you money when you buy in bulk, the WebPT Marketplace offers an even greater discount to shoppers ordering items in larger quantities. Ice packs, stretch straps, and ultrasound gel are just a few of the items Members can purchase in bulk. An added plus of buying more? Most bulk items ship for free or for a low flat rate.

If you like saving money and hate flipping through catalogs—er, I mean, clicking through pages of products—check out the WebPT Marketplace. Additionally, keep an eye on the Blog for more announcements about new Marketplace offerings—like CEU courses and the latest therapy products.