WebPT launched our new website today with a new brand image. The new website is full of vibrant colors, powerful content and interactive components to attract new forwarding-thinking therapists. We also wanted to enhance our community presence among current members.

Why did we change our look with a new brand?

The fresh, modern branding on our updated website demonstrates our commitment to continually bring innovation to the PT industry. The new brand reflects the world of PT: bold, energetic, modern and innovative. We are excited to update our image and will continue to innovate with leading edge physical therapy software.

In 2008, WebPT was born out of a necessity that I found in my outpatient clinic and it has evolved in a very short period of time to the fastest growing EMR company in the PT industry.  My co-founder and husband, Brad, quickly found out that my need was common throughout the industry.  Many other therapists were looking for something better and more affordable to show up on the scene.  WebPT has seen a whirlwind of growth in just two and half years, adding 200+ users a month, doubling our member base every 6 months, and showing over 300% year over year growth for the last 2 years consistently. 

We believe in constant improvement. To paraphrase one of our favorite books, "The Breakthrough Company," by Keith McFarland, the most successful companies are constantly evolving which involves a process of evaluation, making adjustments, and then implementing the appropriate changes.  We aren’t willing to stand still.  We currently lead the PT-centric EMR market and will strive to always be best in class.

Our commitment to provide excellent customer service, an affordable and reliable product, and a sense of community within the rehab industry is now more apparent in our website. More answers to frequently asked questions for both the service and product saves you time that is better spent with your patients. The launch of the Billing Feeds Manager completes our total EMR package. The addition of this blog will give more educational and personal insight about the company, its founders, and its evolution.

If you have any questions about our new look and our new website, feel free to contact us with any feedback.

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