Joseph LaPortaFor more than 13 years, Flexeon Rehabilitation has been a growing leader in the physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine industries in the Midwest. Today, Flexeon has 15 sites across Illinois and Indiana, with plans to expand even further in 2014. So what sets Flexeon apart from its competitors? According to President and CEO Joseph LaPorta, it’s the team: “We’re passionate about offering patients an innovative manual experience that drives better outcomes.”

Before WebPT, Flexeon struggled with scaling in the growing rehab therapy market as well as standardizing policy, procedures, and technology. “Within 15 clinics, we had virtually [no] systems or controls,” LaPorta said. “This hindered our ability to grow in a fiscally responsible manner.” Additionally, Flexeon had trouble with unstandardized documentation and decreased efficiency as a result of running dual systems that required manual workarounds.

According to LaPorta, the Flexeon team chose WebPT for several reasons, including WebPT’s no-obligation, pay-as-you-go model and the fact that they could access the system mobily, from any web-enabled device. The clinicians particularly love how easy WebPT is to implement and use.

With WebPT, Flexeon now has a standardized solution in all 15 sites, which means more efficient and effective teams and very few documentation errors. “WebPT solved our challenges,” said LaPorta. “It’s a standardized, affordable platform that was easy to implement and use—and it meets all of our insurance requirements.” WebPT also helped Flexeon eliminate paper charts, store important data, manage G-code requirements, and reduce the labor time involved in the revenue cycle process.

“We found our experience with WebPT to be a positive one,” said LaPorta. “One that has resulted in a number of benefits to our organization—a quick and painless implementation, ease of use for clinicians, and an overall more efficient process.”

Thank you, Joseph LaPorta, and the rest of the staff at Flexeon Rehabilitation. We are so grateful to have you as WebPT Members and so happy to know that our services are helping you and your team achieve greatness in therapy practice.


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