As an in-home therapy clinic, Jim Prussack of In-Home Therapy Services (aptly named) had some unique issues he faced with documentation.  They were 100% paper-based, using hand-written notes during sessions, with little to no compliance standards in place.  In an effort to gain efficiencies and save money, while still allowing his staff to remain mobile, Jim turned to WebPT.  The first thing he noticed was how easy it was to get up and running.  He was using the system in a few hours, and within a short time, he was able to import all of his past records. 

“We were able to get all of our existing records transferred very quickly and without the pain you’d typically expect with this kind of file transfer. All of our PTs and office staff were up and running smoothly on the system, as if it was second nature, in a matter of weeks.”

Jim’s Challenges:

  1. Paper-based
  2. Hand-written notes with no standards
  3. Mobile staff, never in the office

Solution and Benefits of WebPT

  1. Imported existing records easily
  2. More productive PT practice
  3. Documentation was cohesive and stored in a secure place.


Since using WebPT, Jim and his team now feel all of the documentation is more compliant and organized. Jim also noted that his office manager has been able to take control of all of the practices’ online information, so each PT doesn’t have to be responsible for managing their own documents. This alone has made everyone’s practice much easier and kept information much more consistent and standardized.

“Having a web-based EMR system that is built just for PTs has been amazing. The capabilities of this system have made everything streamlined and seamless for our entire team. From recording to faxing notes automatically, to processing, the time and energy saved has been tremendous.”