Session one of our May webinar is complete. I appreciate everyone who attended the webinar today. I would also like to thank my co-host, Jake Nero for presenting all the new features in WebPT that will enable clinics to communicate in a simple, secure manner. Here is a quick overview of the Webinar Topics including questions that were asked during our session.


Feature Roll this weekend (May 27th) – On Monday you will see the new features.

  • WebPT Idea Portal – This is the beginning of the WebPT democracy. Send suggestions directly to a forum where members and staff can evaluate what’s best and what’s not.
  • WebPT Internal Messaging – Send notes to any of your staff members. No more running around the clinic trying to ask people questions. internal messaging = Increased Productivity.
  • Faxing and Emailing – Free as always
  • Appointment Reminders – Many members are still unaware of this feature. Go here for more info or just watch the video below. If you want to decrease no shows by 30% give us a call.
[swf file=”” height=”340″ width=”480″ action=”swftools_swf_display_direct”]
  • Referral Program – Some members aren’t aware of this great option.  Simply refer a clinic and get one month free of WebPT!  Some members have been on a referral program mission and have not paid for service in months.  Nicely done my friends.

Keep in mind, Webinar session #2 is on Thursday if you would like to join. We will be posting a recorded version next week. If you have questions on any of the covered topics email us at