By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about WebPT’s super informative, spectacularly relevant, and extremely educational webinar series. We’re pretty proud of them. That’s why, today, I’d like to take a few moments to answer some frequently asked webinar questions. 

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar that takes place over the Internet (a web-based seminar = webinar). Unlike a traditional seminar, you can participate in a webinar from anywhere you’d like as long as you have a web-enabled device (i.e., desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone). 

How do I attend WebPT’s next webinar?

To learn the topic of WebPT’s next webinar—as well as the date and time—check out this page or watch for WebPT’s monthly newsletter to arrive via email. (If you’re not receiving the newsletter, click here to subscribe.) Find a topic you’re interested in? Great. Simply register for the webinar by completing the registration form. 

What if I can’t make the scheduled date and time? 

No worries. Register anyway, and we’ll email you a recorded version of the webinar within a week after the webinar airs. Or you can view recorded webinars here

How do I join the webinar that I’ve registered to attend?

The day of the webinar, you’ll receive an email from WebPT Co-Founder Heidi Jannenga containing a link you’ll click to access the webinar through GoToMeeting. If it’s your first time attending a WebPT webinar on the device you’re using, you may need to download the GoToMeeting software—but you’ll receive prompts to do so along with instructions. Then, just make sure your computer speakers are turned on and the volume is up. You’ll be able to listen to the webinar directly from your web-enabled device. If you’re unable to download GoToMeeting or wish to listen to the webinar on your phone instead, you may do so by calling the number on the webinar email. 

How do I ask a question during the webinar?

Because WebPT webinars typically have a very high attendance rate, it’s often difficult for the hosts to take questions on air. So, if you have a question during the webinar, please type it into the GoToMeeting text box. The webinar moderators will answer your question via text in real time, pass it on to the webinar hosts to answer on air, or provide you with an answer via email following the webinar. 

Now that you’ve got the answers to these frequently asked WebPT Webinar questions, get a to watchin’. Click here to register for the next WebPT webinar.