In our everyday lives, technology helps us complete tasks more efficiently. And when it comes to patient care, technology is a tool for more efficient and accurate data collection. But why does data collection matter? In the age of pay-for-performance, clinicians will need their outcomes data to not only analyze their patients’ progress, but also prove their value. That’s exactly why the WebPT Marketplace has partnered with forward-thinking companies like BioSensics: to assist our Members in improving their patient outcomes using measurable and accurate data. Here are two of our most recent additions:


BalanSens™ is a wearable (and wireless) system that allows therapists to quickly analyze their patients’ balance anywhere. An added bonus? With this new technology, there’s no need to use force plates to gather this information. Once therapists collect the data, they can easily create balance reports in a PDF format. Plus, the system is so portable that therapists can even use their Android devices to perform balance tests.


The second product, LEGSys™, offers fast, easy, and affordable gait analysis. In under five minutes, therapists can easily gather accurate gait analysis information based on algorithms tested in many clinical studies.

With this sort of measurable data, PTs can show their patients—and payers—the efficacy of their treatment. Plus, therapists can review patient progress in real-time with wireless data transmission via bluetooth. Want to learn more? Check out the products in the WebPT Marketplace here.