The main purpose of establishing a strong company culture is to get everyone in your business on the same page when it comes to core values. So, on the surface, “company culture” might seem like a strictly internal initiative. But if you think about it, your company culture is basically your practice’s personality—the thing that sets you apart from all the other rehab therapy clinics out there. And because—according tothis Bureau of Labor Statistics report—the physical therapy industry is expected to grow 36% by 2022, the competition is only going to get tougher. Plus, you’re competing not only for more patients and more referrals, but also for top professional talent.

As the stakes get higher, you’ll want to capitalize on any competitive advantage you can—and that includes using your stellar company culture to enhance your reputation. To do that, you have to find ways to showcase your core values to the general public. Here are a few places to start:

1. Get Social.

Successful businesses in every sector have caught on to the multidimensional power of social media. Asthis blog postexplains, it’s a fantastic marketing tool. And perhaps the biggest reason it’s so effective is that it humanizes companies. The things you share and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms are reflective of the things you—and your business—value. They show your clinic’s heart and soul. And that very well could mean the difference between a prospective patient or employee walking through your door or your competitor’s.

2. Blog.

Like social media pages, company blogs provide businesses with a platform to demonstrate who they are in addition to what they do. This not only builds trust with potential patients who might still be a bit hesitant about trying therapy, but also it allows you to woo prospective hires with your A-plus culture. Asthis article suggests, you can use your blog as an outlet for employees to post about company-related events or “show off company parties, after work get-togethers, and working lunches.”

3. Make a Video.

Nothing quite shows the people behind the brand like, well, showing the people behind the brand. For example, as a nod to its fun and quirky culture, tech startup company SpareFoot created a recruiting video mocking a typical corporate training video. (Readthis articleto get the full scoop and watch the video). Countless other companies have produced similar videos; (check out examples from some pretty heavy-hittershere). Even if you can’t afford to hire a professional video crew, you can use the tools you already have—digital camcorders, webcams, or even your smartphone—to record and post (either on your website or your social media accounts) short clips that give outsiders a little taste of your practice’s atmosphere and your staff’s personalities.

4. Get involved.

Community service may or may not be one of your core values, but even if it’s not, volunteering at—or even simply attending—a community event can speak volumes about your practice. Plus, asthis articlepoints out, serving others helps employees feel like “they are working for something that is bigger than themselves; their business is not one dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people.” And with so many opportunities for do-gooding out there, chances are you’ll find something that truly aligns with your and your company’s values. For example, if you’re big on health promotion, consider lending your services to a community health fair or being a guest speaker in a health and wellness class at a local school. If you’re passionate about youth sports, think about coaching a rec team or sponsoring an athletic tournament.

5. Host an Event.

Want to take community outreach a step further? Plan your own event and make it open to anyone. For example, you could host a community health and wellness night with presentations and workshops on different healthy living concepts led by local experts. This not only allows you a chance to connect with area residents, but also gives you an opportunity to network with fellow health and wellness professionals.

Got more ideas about how to showcase your practice’s unique culture on a more public stage? Tell us about them in the comment section below.