To the master multitaskers, the stellar schedulers, the terrific trainers, and all the fantastic front-office faces, (wild things or not) you make our hearts sing. You make everything groo(ooooo)vy.
In celebration of the 60th Annual Administrative Professionals Day on April 25th (themed: “Admins, the pulse of the office”), the Team at WebPT would like to give a shout out to our members at the heart of every phenomenal Physical Therapy practice. Sure, staying current on industry research, attending conferences, and implementing top-notch tools (cough: WebPT) are important (really important). But without a strong pulse in the office, your Physical Therapy practice would flat line.

Thank you for managing operations; advocating for patients; answering billing questions; negotiating with insurance companies; entering data; keeping clients happy; and initiating positive change — all with a smile.

We couldn’t do it without you. You help make up the increasingly vibrant WebPT community — your unique experiences, interactions, and insights are shaping a product that is redefining our industry. In return, we’ll continue listening and working tirelessly to ensure that WebPT improves your clinic’s productivity, compliance, and profitability.

On behalf of everyone whose life you touch, for those who think it but may not say it, you are appreciated.

Take a moment to share why the Administrative Professionals in your life make your heart sing or read about how your role as an Administrative Professional has impacted those around you @WebPT #adminproday.