These past few months we’ve reached out through the Twitterverse and asked members of the rehab community what inspires them. In honor of this month’s theme being inspiration, we thought we’d share some of the tweeted responses:

Ryan K ‏@physiorehab
@WebPT inspired by the ability to help people. Ultimately I am a fixer so I like to fix problems #WinWin

PhysioGuru ‏@physio_guru
@WebPT When I started out as a PT, it was the fact that someone who was bedridden for a while can learn to walk again with our management

J. W. C., MPT ‏@1GBS_PT
@WebPT the care that I have received from my fellow #PT's as I recover from #GuillainBarre inspires me to continue my fight to #OvercomeGBS

Pearl Rehabilitation ‏@PRehabilitation
@WebPT @joubert_pt We at Pearl are thankful for the very moment that our patients begin to regain their functional independence!

Joubert PT ‏@joubert_pt
@webpt Family, friends, health, happiness.

Carl Eaton ‏@eaton_carl
@WebPT I'm inspired by how spectacular our bodies are and the absolute need for movement

Justin Welch ‏@ThePWelcher
@WebPT that "ah-ha" moment and look on a patient's face when they realize they can do something they couldn't do before.

Jerry Durham ‏@Jerry_DurhamPT
@WebPT #inspires …getting the word out about #Physicaltherapy to as MANY people as possible...

Dr. Monique J Caruth ‏@mjcDPT
@WebPT: As a #PT or #OT, what inspires you?”- Knowing that I am doing what I love to do helping & motivating people to regain lost function

Mike Pascoe PhD ‏@mpascoe
@WebPT I'm inspired by students learning

What about you? As a rehab therapist, what inspires you? Share in the comments below or on Twitter via @WebPT.

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