Today’s post comes from WebPT Member Mike Taylor, PT, MBA, OCS, from OrthoSport Physical Therapy. Thanks, Mike!


  1. Assume that your personality and skills are what the world’s been waiting for.
  2. Assume that your job is the most important one in the office.
  3. Assume that if you’re busy you’re successful.
  4. Assume that your business couldn’t run without you.
  5. Ever give a raise that ends in anything but a whole number.
  6. Ever let a dollar or two per hour come between you and a good hire.
  7. Ever second guess your lingering doubts about a hire—cut your losses.
  8. Ever forget that you’re nothing without your team.
  9. Believe the naysayers.
  10. Believe anything other than hard work is what it takes.




  1. Hire good people— never assess anybody solely through a resume.
  2. Quickly get rid of people that don’t fit in with your clinic’s culture or vision.
  3. Pay more than the prevailing wage.
  4. Give raises based on merit and nothing else. (If they have to ask for it, you’re late.)
  5. Give benefits that you would want your family to have.
  6. Treat your staff as you would like to be treated, which mostly means just leave them be.
  7. Know that if someone leaves they’re not likely to find what you provided.
  8. Understand that you get paid last, not first.
  9. Question your hire if you think you can do the work better yourself.
  10. Worry about sales and collections. The other part (DPT) is easy.


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