Our Members often ask us for advice on documenting in a practice that has multiple therapy specialties. Here are our tips: 

Keep It Separated

If your clinic offers PT, OT, and/or SLP services, be sure to add cases specific to each discipline based on the patient’s condition(s) because different profiles appear for different user types. Furthermore, ensure that therapists are documenting all things specific to their particular discipline—such as authorizations and prescriptions—within the correct case. If do you happen to document within the wrong case, don’t fret. In WebPT, you can move notes between cases.

Master Your Schedule

With the case complexity of multi-specialty treatments, scheduling also becomes a little more involved. The administrative team or front office staff must book appointments for the proper cases; otherwise, workflow issues may arise.

Streamline Patient Encounters

Creating custom evaluation templates is even more valuable in multi-specialty practices than in single speciality ones. As this blog post points out, you can customize the objective tests you want to use in your initial evaluations, so each therapist has a shorter and more applicable Objective section.

Have additional questions on how to document in a multi-specialty therapy practice? Ask them in the comments section below.