Today’s blog post comes from WebPT Senior Copywriters Charlotte Bohnett and Erica Cohen.

 Well, our Documentation Sucks contest has come and gone. Thank you so much to everyone for participating, spreading the word, rocking our t-shirts, and ditching the pen and paper. You made this contest a monumental success, and we really enjoyed sending out all the shirts and seeing everyone’s photos.

So, who won the whole shebang? We’re very happy to congratulate Ayam De Leon and Jennifer Champa on winning our Documentation Sucks contest. Ayam’s photo raked in the most user votes, and Jennifer won as our favorite photo. Each scored a shiny, new MacBook Air. Congratulations again!

Here are their winning pics:

Jennifer Champa

Jennifer Champa DocSucks

Ayam De Leon

Ayam De Leon DocSucks

Keeping the photo sharing going, Jennifer snapped a pic of herself with her prize. She also had these awesome words to say about what winning meant to her:

“Thank you for awarding me the MacBook Air in the WebPT contest. Winning the computer is not only a win for me, but also for my profession, and more importantly, my patients. I plan to use the computer to access WebPT, which allows for PTs to be compliant with guidelines, organized and efficient with time, and is a chronological record for patient care continuity. I am glad that PTs have a convenient way to document as we strive for a higher quality of patient care.”

Jennifer Champa, PT
Made in L.A. Fitness

Now that we’ve wrapped up Documentation Sucks with a shiny red bow, let’s spend December being merry and bright. We’re focusing on inspiration. WebPT members and WebPT teammates alike will share their stories—what inspires them to be their very best. And with that in mind, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what inspires you either in the comments below or via email at

Thank you again for helping make Documentation Sucks such a fun contest. Looking forward to all the inspiration!