Okay, so Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might have been cooking something at one point or another. And although I’m not exactly sure what that means—there’s got to be a connection in there somewhere—I am sure of the fact that RockTape has been cooking up some valuable CEU courses.

As a therapist, your love of learning is second nature. And as such, you probably already know that CEU courses help you stay up to date on the latest rehab industry trends and research. But if that’s not enough motivation for you to further your education, keep in mind that the majority of states require you to complete a certain number of CEU credits to renew your license. You’ll want to check with your state’s practice act to confirm the requirements for your area. With all of that being said, whether you’re motivated by the thrill of a newly gleaned skill or are simply abiding by the regulations, earning CEUs doesn’t have to be boring—or cost you a small fortune.

This is where RockTape comes in: Whether your patients are smashing into other wrestlers or simply suffering from chronic pain, RockTape has a product that can help with your treatment plan. One product you might already be familiar with is RockTape’s popular kinesiology tape. But now, RockTape is providing more than products for patient treatment. The company’s new CEU courses are not only informative, but also interactive and engaging. As a participant in these courses, you’ll learn all about taping— everything from its history to sport-specific taping applications and protocols. The best part? You’ll learn both technique and theory while garnering valuable hands-on experience.

Want to earn CEUs from a company that’s passionate about movement? Like having a blast—no headlocks included (at least, not that I know of)? Want a discount? Well, you’re in luck, because the WebPT Marketplace is teaming up with RockTape to offer our Members a great deal on these super awesome CEU courses. Interested? Good. Head on over to the WebPT Marketplace to pin down this great opportunity. Wait, do wrestling matches have canned laugh tracks?