Over the last 24 hours, hopefully you’ve had a chance to try out—or at least take a look at—the three reports I highlighted in yesterday’s blog post: the Missed Notes Report, the Claims Feed Report, and the Lost Patient Log. If not, I highly recommend checking them out sooner rather than later as they could provide you and your clinic with some pretty valuable business insights. Today, though, I want to go over four more awesome reporting tools available within WebPT: the Prescription Report, the Referral Report, the Billing Report, and the Productivity Report.

4. Prescription Report

 WebPT allows you to enter a patient’s prescription information directly within the Patient Record or by uploading an external document via eDoc. You can also set in-app alerts to notify you when a patient’s prescription is expired or nearing expiration. The Prescription Report allows you a different, more condensed view of this information as it produces a list of all patients whose prescriptions are expired or close to expiration. To generate this report, which is located under “Reports” on the left side of your WebPT dashboard, you first must specify the details you would like to display (e.g., insurance provider, therapist, and period of time). Then, simply click “Generate Report.” The result should appear similar to the screenshot below:

Prescription Report WebPT

From the report, you can navigate to any uploaded prescriptions by clicking “View” under the eDoc/On File column. You can also update a patient’s prescription by clicking “Update” in the far right column. This report helps ensure that your patients’ prescriptions are always up-to-date and that you’re always prepared with a new prescription for any patient who needs one.

5. Referral Report

 When you’re in the rehab therapy business, referrals are your lifeblood. You depend on them—a lot—so it only makes sense to track the sources that send the most new patients your way. Using WebPT’s Referral Report, you can create a graph that will show you which sources—such as physicians, lawyers, and advertising campaigns—make up the biggest pieces of your referral pie. Please note that only your clinic’s WebPT administrator can generate this report, which is located under “Reports” on the left side of your screen. To generate a referral report, simply select the sources you’d like to include using the dropdown menu on the left side of the Report Details box, as shown below:

Referral Report WebPT

6. Billing Report

 Curious about which insurances make up the highest percentage of your reimbursements? Or, maybe you’d like to know which CPT codes you bill most often and how much revenue each code has generated for your clinic this year. You can pull all that data—and more—from your clinic’s Billing Report and use it to analyze trends or view historical data. Located under the reports menu on the left side of the WebPT dashboard, this report presents you with several data-sorting options, as displayed in this screenshot:

Billing Report WebPT

Once you’ve generated the report, you can further sort it by insurance, CPT Code, patient, or date:

Billing Report Insurance Example WebPT

You can also generate a PDF of the report or export it to an Excel document by clicking on the appropriate option, as shown in the above image.

7. Productivity Report

 Productivity is an essential ingredient in any successful business operation—and your rehab therapy clinic is no exception. With WebPT’s Productivity Report, you can get a pulse on how well your therapists are performing. This report displays the number of patients each therapist has seen as well as the types of documents they have completed. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are a few configuration options for this report, including date range, therapist, and insurance type:

There you have it—seven easy-to-use, super-slick reports that could turbocharge your clinic to new heights of business success. What do you think? Have you used any of these reports to streamline your practice’s operations or business strategies? Or, do you plan to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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