Building a website from scratch is no easy feat—especially if you don’t have any design experience. And, between the rigors of providing consistently exceptional care and creating defensible documentation, who has time to sit down and research website best practices? Finding examples of well-made PT websites is yet another time sink; aside from individually searching clinics by name, there isn’t an efficient way to locate sites that you can draw inspiration from. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve done the digging for you. Below, you’ll find our list (in no particular order) of the best physical therapy websites in the biz, so you can look through some ultra-refined and effective digital marketing gambits.

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1. Ivy Rehab Network

Ivy Rehab Network has a truly wonderful website. The well-organized and straightforward navigation easily leads users to the information they want, and the site’s visually-appealing animations and high-quality pictures don’t slow down its speedy load time. In regards to search engine optimization (SEO), Ivy Rehab Network sticks the landing with short, informative, and unique page titles and URLs—and the site implements proper URL structuring, which is seriously impressive. Plus, Ivy Rehab’s mobile-friendly site has an informative (and well-formatted) blog that boosts its Google ranking and promotes the organization’s specialized services.

Ivy Rehab Network’s overall website marketing strategy is also totally on point. The site boasts consistent, modern branding across all its pages, and it’s is uber-friendly to potential new patients. In other words, it’s easy for prospective patients to learn about direct access and find new patient forms, information about the conditions and injuries Ivy Rehab treats, and a list of frequently asked questions. New patients can also book an appointment on any page, because the appointment-booking call to action (CTA) is located in an always-visible header. Finally, the site includes a page of testimonials (referred to as “Patient Stories”), all of which feature a publish date (that way, site users know the content is fresh).

2. SPEAR Physical Therapy

SPEAR Physical Therapy’s website is truly excellent, and it was clearly made with user experience in mind. The website loads lightning-fast, and its navigation is exceptionally intuitive; finding the information you want is easy pickin’s. When it comes to SEO, SPEAR’s mobile-friendly website checks all the right boxes with straight-to-the-point URLs and page titles, as well as an extensive blog.

SPEAR’s site branding is completely cohesive and doesn’t detract from any content, and the site really makes an effort to hone in on the needs of prospective patients. Finding new patient information—including insurance info, an FAQ, new patient forms, and a list of services—takes seconds. And if that’s not enough, patients can check out a page of testimonials that includes real results from SPEAR’s satisfaction surveys. Finally, and most importantly, new patients can request an appointment at any point on any page via the always-visible header.

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3. Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

The Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy website is another example of digital marketing gone totally right. This site is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and is chock full of all the information a prospective (or current) patient could ever need. Foothills’ SEO is also top-notch. The site is mobile-friendly, it has a frequently-updated blog, and the URLs and page titles are concise and communicative.

Foothills’ website marketing strategy is also extremely strong. The site is uniformly branded, it looks clean and cohesive, and there’s a “Request Appointment” CTA on the header that’s always visible to the user. The site is also great for new patients: there’s insurance information, new patient forms, information about direct access, and an FAQ—all of which are easy to access and understand. Finally, Foothills took it above and beyond in the testimonial department via high-quality video reviews.

4. ApexNetwork Physical Therapy

The website belonging to ApexNetwork Physical Therapy is excellent—not only because of its high speed and solid content organization, but also because of its cohesive design and earthy visuals. Apex’s mobile-friendly site pulls out the SEO stops with page titles and URLs that are all unique, informative, and brief—as well as a blog that’s frequently updated with valuable, educational information.

Apex’s site branding is uniform throughout the site, and patients can request appointments from the top of every page. New patients can easily access information regarding insurance, direct access, services offered, and how to prepare for their first appointment. Each clinic location in the franchise also has its own page, complete with unique contact information, an embedded Google map, accepted insurances, and special services offered.

5. Twin Boro Physical Therapy

Twin Boro Physical Therapy is the golden standard of PT websites. This website is easily navigated, well-organized, and totally intuitive; it’s incredibly easy to find the information you’re looking for. Plus, every page loads quickly, and none of the animations suffer from latency issues. Twin Boro absolutely kills it in terms of SEO. Each page has a unique, succinct, and informative page title, URL, and meta description, and the mobile-friendly website has its own beautifully formatted blog, which helps drive traffic and improves its Google ranking.

When it comes to marketing, this site once again goes above and beyond. Every page is sleek, cohesive, and on-brand (seriously, go look at the clinic directors’ headshots). Plus, you can schedule an appointment on every single page (the booking CTA is in the permanently-visible header!). The site also expertly caters to prospective patients: it’s easy to find a list of accepted insurances, new patient forms, and information about the injuries and conditions that Twin Boro is willing to treat—and there are three full pages of testimonials to peruse. Additionally, every clinic location has its own landing page—each of which has an embedded Google map and embedded Facebook reviews.

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Have you encountered any physical therapy websites that completely blew you away? Leave a comment below with a name, and show off your favorite web experiences! 

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