Since its inaugural launch in April of 1980, Occupational Therapy Month has given OTs a well-deserved cause to celebrate their profession. And this year, the AOTA has given up its tradition of selecting a celebratory theme to make way for an exciting new message. They’ve developed a branded concept that truly encompasses—and honors—what it means to be an OT: “Occupational Therapy: Living Life To Its Fullest®.”

Now, we’re already two weeks into April—my, how time flies!—so you might already be celebratin’ with your colleagues. But, if you’re not there quite yet, no worries—the AOTA has a great resource that’s full ideas to get you started. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Get Social

Create OT awareness in your community through posting on social media about how your career helps people live their lives to the fullest. And when you post to Facebook, Twitter, or even on a blog, the AOTA has requested you include a link to this awesome video.

2. Be a Party Animal

Host a sweet bash with current and former clients to celebrate all of their amazing achievements. Don’t forget to provide refreshments and take tons of pictures (with client approval, of course!). And—if you’re able—submit a press release that includes an article and some photos to your local media outlets, so they can help you create even larger impact.

3. Honor a Colleague

Honor one—or several—of your outstanding colleagues with personalized awards. Hint: you can announce and award the honoree during your OT Month par-tay.

4. Get Out There

Lend a hand in your community by volunteering at a local organization. And as you meet new community members, don’t forget to talk about your unique role as an OT and how your profession positively impacts lives.

5. Wear this Shirt

WebPT wants to celebrate with you. We’re sending one lucky—and randomly chosen—winner his or her choice of these two shirts from TherapyTee:



So, if you need one of these shirts in your closet, stat—and honestly, who doesn’t?—then simply let us know what you love most about being an OT in the comments section below. We’ll draw one random winner on April 22, 2016. And don’t worry, we aren’t into the “one-size-fits-all” look. We’ll contact the winner to get sizing and color information—and a shipping address—so he or she can celebrate the new OT brand in customized style. Be sure to comment before the contest ends; the deadline is 12:00 AM PDT on April 22.

Finally, to all of you OTs out there: thank you. You enrich the lives of everyone around you, and your patients are lucky to have you as their advocates. It’s your care that provides people of all ages the tools—and skills—to live their lives to the fullest.

Happy Occupational Therapy Month! (I hope you win that sweet tee. Yes, you!)