It’s May, which means it’s time to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month—and to appreciate the difference SLPs make in the world!

SLPs are wonderful, patient people with a penchant for kindness…


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…and the drive to make the world better, one patient at a time.

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After all, you’re in the people business, and you give your all to each and every patient…

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…even after waking up early to finish some pre-appointment planning.

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You’re intuitive and expert problem-solvers.

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You take pride in finding creative ways to make treatment meaningful to your patients.

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And you’re constantly learning new treatment approaches so you’re ready to tackle the most complex diagnoses.

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You’re masters of being adaptable—because no two work days are exactly the same.

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One day could be filled with treating dyspraxia patients and performing oral feeding therapy…

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…while the next is spent squaring off with insurance companies.

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You also work with a wide variety of patients and caretakers—from the ones who follow your home treatment plan to the letter…

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…to the ones who refuse to follow any of your directions.

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But when you finally get everyone on board, it feels like you can do anything—because you pretty much can!

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Maybe you’re frustrated that your clients can’t get their /r/ pronunciation quite right.

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Or you’re bummed that you have to cancel your dinner plans so you can finish your documentation—again.

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But it’s okay, because nothing can match that feeling when your perseverance pays off, and a patient swallows solid food for the first time since having a stroke…

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…or a toddler says his or her first word.

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Besides, SLPs are resilient: no matter what life throws at you, you know you’ll end up okay.

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You make a difference in people’s lives every day, and we appreciate everything you do.

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Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month to all you wonderful SLPs!