• The Physical Therapist’s Crunch-Time Guide to ICD-10 Image

    downloadJun 24, 2015

    The Physical Therapist’s Crunch-Time Guide to ICD-10

    ICD-10 went into effect on October 1, 2015, and if your practice went into the transition unprepared, you could suffer reduced payments—or worse, flat-out denials. It’s never too late to get up-to-speed with the Physical Therapist’s Crunch-Time Guide to ICD-10. Enter your email address below to download it.

  • ICD-9 vs ICD-10 Image

    downloadMar 3, 2015

    ICD-9 vs ICD-10

    ICD-10 is much more than just an upgraded version of ICD-9. In fact, ICD-10 represents a complete overhaul of the diagnosis coding system as we knew it. In addition to offering five times as many codes as its predecessor, ICD-10 features an entirely different code structure. Here, we provide a couple of illustrated examples to show you how ICD-10 has changed the way you code for patient diagnoses.

  • 5 Steps Image

    downloadMar 3, 2015

    5 Steps

    The ICD-10 transition is here. Did your clinic’s ICD-10 switch go off without a hitch? If not, you likely missed something in your preparatory plan. The sooner you start retracing your steps, the better your chances of quickly recovering from the transition. Download our guide to get started today.

  • ICD-10 Checklist Image

    downloadMar 3, 2015

    ICD-10 Checklist

    We’ve made it to the ICD-10 go-live date, and if you didn't quite get through the massive amount of prep work required, you’re certainly not alone. But, time is of the essence. So, download this handy-dandy checklist and start knocking out your most crucial left-to-dos. Before you know it, you’ll have made it to the bottom of your list—and your clinic will be in tip-top ICD-10 shape.


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