Streamline Your Billing Process with Integrated Billing

WebPT integrates with several top billing providers, which means all the information from your Claims Feed Report moves automatically from WebPT to your clinic’s billing software. And when you eliminate double-data entry, you prevent errors and set yourself up for timely reimbursements.

Below is a list of popular billing programs you can use in conjunction with WebPT:

Therabill Logo

WebPT’s integration with Therabill represents the most comprehensive PT-centric software solution available today. Therabill enables users to send HIPAA-compliant electronic claims to thousands of insurance companies as well as government payers. Plus, Therabill routes all your claims for you, making your billing more efficient.

In addition to now being part of the WebPT family—which means an eventual all-in-one EMR and billing solution with the industry’s best customer service, educational resources, and innovative technology—Therabill has several key features and benefits, including:

  • Claim tracking
  • ERAs
  • EOB and payment posting
  • Custom reports
  • Clearinghouse integration
  • Patient portal, invoicing, and billing
  • Insurance eligibility verification

Furthermore, when you pair WebPT with Therabill, you get one simple monthly invoice and a single point of contact.

Preferred Partners


With Kareo Billing Service, you have a dedicated team whose full-time job is to stay up to date on the latest requirements and do everything it takes to get you paid. The Kareo team navigates the rules and bureaucracy of insurance companies and takes the time to explain bills to your patients. With their best practices at work for your business, you collect more at a lower cost—and get paid faster.


EZClaim’s electronic billing software is easy to use, affordable, and designed to help healthcare providers receive speedier reimbursements and fewer denials. Plus, with the Premier option, users have access to flexible reports; claim, patient, and payer follow-up; and enhanced automatic posting.


CollaborateMD is a web-based billing system that offers users the ability to electronically send and receive claims. It also scrubs those claims prior to sending them in, thus ensuring a high rate of first-pass claim acceptance. CollaborateMD is optimal for practices with three or more locations that need specialized services.


With WebPT and AdvancedMD, you get two industry leaders providing a top-notch, balanced solution for your practice. AdvancedMD provides world-class, comprehensive cloud billing that helps clinics boost staff efficiency, improve revenue cycle results, and streamline clinic operations—everything you need for optimal workflow and efficient practice management.


CareTracker prides itself on providing WebPT users with a smooth billing experience and quality, clean claims, which is why it’s one of our preferred partners. As part of this integrated solution, CareTracker scrubs users’ claims prior to submitting them, thus maximizing payments and minimizing denials.


Together, Billing Dynamix and WebPT provide a solution in which users can create a charge in WebPT that seamlessly travels to Billing Dynamix for electronic submission, reporting, and follow-up. This integration helps therapists eliminate double entry; schedule submissions so they arrive in a timely manner; view detailed reports; and receive helpful alerts in case there’s an issue.


With more than 200 super-informative reports, Medisoft—which is produced by leading healthcare management corporation McKesson—is a great WebPT billing integration option. The Medisoft solution simplifies accounting and increases productivity—both of which reduce administrative headaches. Plus, MD Solutions’ Medisoft staff members work with users to create a customized solution that meets individual practice needs.

Additional Integration Options


X-Link is a flexible solution that users can implement to exchange or send data between WebPT and other billing and practice management systems. X-Link is easy to implement and modify, and it has helped thousands of users integrate with a combination of more than 75,000 possible interfaces to date.


Already using MTBC’s web-based practice management solution? Good news: Now you can integrate this ICD-10- and HIPAA-compliant system with WebPT, so you’re optimizing both your documentation and your revenue cycle.

Medical Masterminds

Featuring a three-tiered claims-scrubbing protocol and a payer rule section that helps users monitor payer changes and keep payments on schedule, Medical Masterminds is yet another great WebPT integration option.

HL7 Files

WebPT also transmits HL7 files via a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or a secure dropbox.