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Generate Reports

WebPT's physical therapy practice management software offers the following business reports to help you optimize your operations:

  • Prescription Report: Tracks patient prescriptions, including those nearing expiration and those that have expired.
  • Referral Report: Tracks your referral sources.
  • Lost Patient Log: Tracks patient cancellations and no-shows.
  • Billing Report: Displays all necessary billing information (e.g., Dx, CPT Codes, and Units) associated with a completed Daily Note for any designated date of service.
  • Productivity Report: Shows how many patients each therapist in your clinic has seen as well as the types of documents they created.
  • Missed Notes Report: Flags incomplete or missing documentation.
  • Claims Feed Report: Displays all transmissions to an integrated billing partner's software (e.g., Kareo, CollaborateMD, and AMD). This report also indicates whether a transmission has gone through successfully or failed, along with any corresponding failure codes.
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Monitor Your Medicare Compliance

WebPT's physical therapy practice management software uses built-in alerts and reports to help your practice stay compliant with the following Medicare policies:


Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) requires that physical therapists, occupational therapists, and qualified speech-language pathologists meet the standards for satisfactory reporting. If you are not PQRS compliant in 2014, you will incur a penalty of 2% of your Medicare payments. Not only does WebPT help your practice avoid the penalty with our built-in PQRS solution, but also we offer an intelligent PQRS report that tracks your clinic’s progress toward the reporting requirements.

Therapy Cap

Under the Balanced Budget Act (BBA) of 1997, Congress placed an annual cap on Medicare's reimbursement of rehabilitation services. That means that Medicare will only reimburse you as the rehabilitation therapist up to a certain dollar amount per patient regardless of services provided. WebPT automatically tracks each Medicare patient’s progress toward the cap and alerts you when he or she is approaching the limit. We also provide the Medicare Cap Report, which allows you to view your Medicare patients’ progress toward the therapy cap and—for those patients who’ve gone over the cap—identify whether the therapist has attached the KX modifier.

8-Minute Rule

In order to receive reimbursement from Medicare for a time-based code, you must provide direct treatment for at least eight minutes. To calculate the number of time-based units you should bill for a particular visit, Medicare counts the total minutes of skilled therapy and divides that number by 15. If seven minutes or less are left, no other unit can be billed. If eight minutes or more are left, you can bill an extra unit of therapy. This formula can get a bit tricky in certain scenarios, so WebPT features built-in intelligence to alert you if something doesn’t quite add up the way it should.

Functional Limitation Reporting (FLR)

Per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, physical, occupational, and speech therapists must complete FLR on all eligible Medicare patients in order to receive reimbursement for their services. Talk about pressure. Luckily, WebPT makes FLR compliance a breeze. With us, you automatically get a fully integrated reporting solution within your existing documentation. It’s an FLR easy button—complete with built-in alerts to ensure that you’re compliant every time, and that means you get paid. Plus, we offer an FLR report that gives you real-time FLR data statistics organized by therapist.

Medicare Plan of Care

The Plan of Care (POC) Report tracks the status of plans of care for Medicare patients. Within this report, the Certification Status Report helps you identify patients who require a recertification note, while the Signature Status Report allows you to determine whether a therapist has emailed or faxed a particular note and whether the physician has signed it.

Medicare Payment Adjustment Report (MPAR)

The MPAR shows you how multiple procedure payment reductions (MPPR) are affecting your clinic’s profits and losses. Most practice management systems do not provide this data, so this report gives clinics a significant advantage as they can assess the impact of MPPR and adjust their processes accordingly.

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Foster Accountability

With WebPT's physical therapy practice management software, clinic adminstrators can keep tabs on their employees to ensure optimal performance. Our application allows those in leadership roles to manage user permissions, track productivity, and audit staff activity. Plus, with WebPT’s instant messaging function, employees and managers alike can easily chat right within the application.

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