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  • Medicare Part B Documentation Requirements for Physical and Occupational Therapy Image

    articleJul 9, 2014

    Medicare Part B Documentation Requirements for Physical and Occupational Therapy

    Medicare reimburses for Part B physical and occupational therapy services when the claim form and supporting documentation accurately report medically necessary covered services. Thus, developing legible and relevant documentation is only one piece of the reimbursement puzzle. Your documentation must also: Justify the services you bill Comply with all applicable Medicare regulations Support any listed CPT codes Conform to state and local laws as well as the professional guidelines of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) or …

  • Should Physical Therapists Enroll as Medicare Providers? Image

    articleJul 8, 2014

    Should Physical Therapists Enroll as Medicare Providers?

    If you’re starting—or have ever started—a private physical therapy practice, then you’ve almost certainly grappled with the decision of whether to accept Medicare patients. And unless your patient demographic absolutely demands that you do, I’m guessing it is—or was—a pretty tough call to make. I’ll be upfront: the title of this post is perhaps a bit misleading, because honestly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. As such, I can’t, in good conscience, definitively tell you …

  • Common Questions from our Modifier Open Forum Image

    articleJul 7, 2014

    Common Questions from our Modifier Open Forum

    Today’s blog post comes from WebPT writers Brooke Andrus, Charlotte Bohnett, and Erica Cohen. Should I have my patients sign an advance beneficiary notice of noncoverage (ABN) just in case Medicare doesn’t pay? No, by having your patient sign an ABN, you are acknowledging that you do not believe that the services you are providing are either medically necessary or covered by Medicare. If you have an ABN on file, you should include a modifier GA or …

  • This Week in PT News, July 3 Image

    articleJul 3, 2014

    This Week in PT News, July 3

    Michigan Direct Access Bill Signed into Law On July 1, Michigan Governor signed into law Senate Bill 690, now Public Act 260 of 2014, making Michigan a direct access state for physical therapy, which means patients can seek and receive physical therapy treatment and services without a physician’s referral. This law marks a significant milestone for the PT industry: all 50 states and Washington, DC, now allow—in some form—direct access to PT. Read more here . One-Third …

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield and Other Payers Add FLR to Select Plans Image

    articleJul 2, 2014

    Blue Cross Blue Shield and Other Payers Add FLR to Select Plans

    As of July 1, 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires that all practice settings providing outpatient therapy services—and billing for those services under Medicare Part B—complete functional limitation reporting (FLR) on all eligible Medicare patients in order to receive reimbursement for their services. From the initial whispers of FLR, we’ve explained that private payers will most likely follow Medicare’s lead , and indeed they have. In the months since FLR became mandatory, a handful …

  • Founder Letter: Happy One-Year FLR Anniversary Image

    articleJul 1, 2014

    Founder Letter: Happy One-Year FLR Anniversary

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of the mandatory implementation of functional limitation reporting (FLR). While it might not be an occasion worthy of streamers, cake, and noisemakers, this anniversary definitely warrants a moment of reflection. Despite the months-long FLR testing period, July 1, 2013, still hit our industry like a punch to the gut. Assuming you’re a medical professional who provides outpatient therapy services to Medicare patients, you may have experienced this FLR gut punch, too. Since …

  • Immoderately Happy: Om Image

    articleJun 30, 2014

    Immoderately Happy: Om

    If you took part in last month’s 21-day happiness challenge , you’re probably rocking a smile so large your face hurts. Okay, maybe your results weren’t quite so dramatic—but hopefully you saw some improvement in your happiness. I know I did. I chose mindful meditation. While (confession time) I definitely fell asleep a few times mid-meditation, quieting my mind for 15 minutes an evening made a significant difference in how I felt throughout the day. Just 15 …

  • My Foray into Yelp Image

    articleJun 30, 2014

    My Foray into Yelp

    Yes, I admit it: I just recently signed up for a business account with Yelp. After seeing a colleague go through a really bad time dealing with a negative review from a disgruntled patient, I swore I wouldn’t sign up for it; however, I recently discovered that even if I don’t sign up for an account, someone else could sign up my business. That convinced me to take action. Whatever your own thoughts are on Yelp, it …

  • This Week in PT News, June 27 Image

    articleJun 27, 2014

    This Week in PT News, June 27

    New Smartphone Tool Could Prevent Falls Researchers from Purdue University recently created a portable smartphone tool that could help prevent falls. The device, called SmartGait, can measure a person’s gait length and speed, which are critical components when predicting falls. The research team believes this device will help not only with preventing falls, but also with mitigating the effects of balance disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Read more about this potentially groundbreaking tool here . Bad Posture While …

  • The Modifier Open Forum Image

    webinarJun 27, 2014

    The Modifier Open Forum

    Not sure when to apply modifier 59? Wondering why you have to use the KX modifier? Let’s face it: modifiers can get pretty confusing. There are a lot of rules to keep straight—and most of them are anything but cut-and-dried. That’s why we focused this month’s webinar on all things modifiers. WebPT founder Heidi Jannenga, PT, teamed up with compliance expert Tom Ambury to host an open forum. They devoted the first half of the webinar to …


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